9 Simple Ways You Can Serve Your Community

It was said in Galatians "You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love." (Galatians 5:13). Just as Jesus served us, we can now serve others in the name of the Lord. Improving your neighborhood or community requires involvement. It is our goal at Concord Road Church of Christ to create opportunities for our members and visitors to join us in our efforts to make contributions to those in need and to strengthen our bond with God. We've compiled a list of activities we frequently oversee, sometimes individually as church members, and at other times collectively as a congregation at Concord Road Church of Christ.

1. Pick Up Litter

The Trail Life boys meeting at Concord Road Church of Christ frequently pick up litter. Picking up litter is a good place to start. It's pretty easy to do and participating in our efforts to help clean up the church grounds will benefit everyone. Regarding supplies, the Church and its members often provide trash bags, gloves, and high-vis vests if you'll be near a road. You can start near your church or travel to locations you know need some attention.

2. Visit a Retirement Home or Hospital

You'd be surprised how many individuals are out there who are in need of a bit of company. At Concord Road Church of Christ, some of our members frequently visit hospitals and nursing homes to come in and spend some time with those who live there. Activities sometimes include playing games, reading, or listening to stories. 

3. Hold a Drive

At Concord Road Church of Christ, our members frequently participate in fundraisers to spread the gospel. Holding a drive is a great way to make it easier for the entire congregation to get involved in community service. Some of our brothers and sisters want to participate but struggle fitting it into their own schedules. Some of our members frequently participate in a food or clothing drive and others work at Churches of Christ Disaster Relief. Others can drop off their donations after church or when it's most convenient. 

4. Random Act of Kindness

It is not at all unusual to see random acts of kindness displayed at Concord Road Church of Christ. Random acts of kindness go a long way. Best of all, it can come in any form that works for you. Maybe you bring donuts to the next bible study? You can also leave a nice note for someone who has recently helped you out. There is also the option of buying the drink for the person behind you in the coffee shop. 

5. Do Yard Work for a Neighbor

Many congregants at  Concord Road Church of Christ do not hesitate to help neighbors. "Neighbor" is a relative term and can be used to describe anyone who might benefit from assistance. Whether it's for a member of the congregation or someone in the local community, helping someone rake leaves, mow the lawn, trim bushes, or shovel snow can go a long way. We always ask permission before starting the project, but it is always rewarding when we are thanked for our service.

6. Offer Personal or Professional Skills

Are there talents you possess that could help others? These talents can be used for God at Concord Road Church of Christ. Whether it’s computer skills or anything else, everyone is capable of using their expertise to assist someone else or the church. You can post flyers or speak with a member of the church to let them know you are willing to use these talents to help in any way possible.

7. Work with Churches of Christ Disaster Relief

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief is a reputable organization that provides emergency supplies to those impacted by disasters. Concord Road Church of Christ has volunteers who work with the organization to help the needy all over the US. Churches of Christ Disaster Relief welcomes volunteers and makes it easy to get involved.


8. Work at a Local Soup Kitchen

Some of our members at Concord Road have worked in local soup kitchens. Food is nourishment. Everyone needs it to survive. Working with a soup kitchen means we can help feed those who are less fortunate. You can go about this two different ways. Either join others at Concord Road Church of Christ to make a trip to the soup kitchen or go individually to allow the soup kitchen to reach more members of the community.

9. Be Active at Our Church

Helping your community can start by being active at Concord Road Church of Christ. Some of our members volunteer to be an usher, run a bible study, work in the nursery, or help plan outreach programs. As servants of Christ, we are called to give back to our community. Starting with the church is one step closer to fulfilling this service while strengthening our bond with God. 

At Concord Church of Christ, we have a vibrant and welcoming congregation. If you're interested in joining a loving community that focuses on the teachings of Christ, contact us to set-up a tour. 

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