Been there done that!

Have you ever been in that situation where someone else wants to watch a movie and you think, “Ugh, I’ve already seen that”, only to realize you didn’t remember as much as perhaps you thought you did.

Bible Study Notes

We have so many options coming at us in society today that the hustle and bustle of life often results in a “do it once” culture. We’ve already seen that, heard that, visited that, the list goes on and on. Even in school we sometimes get impatient if a teacher is reviewing or going back over a lesson for other students. Why do I have to learn it again? It’s a waste of my time.

If we’re not careful that attitude will carry over into our spiritual life. The bible is not a been there done that book for us to read once and be done. It’s a lifelong study in which God reveals Himself to us through His word.

Have you read James before, great, read it again. Reading the bible shouldn’t be a task oriented experience, with the goal of checking off books on your app and marking them as done. Try reading a book twice in a row, and writing down what stands out the second time. What questions do you have, what questions were answered, how does this chapter/book relate to your life?

Instead of a task to get done, view reading the word as an opportunity to get to know God. The word is how He has chosen to reveal Himself to you and the more you understand, the clearer your purpose for life will be.


Bible Study