IDK, The End or the Beginning?


As a history teacher, few things bugged me more then when a student would write “IDK” as their answer to an essay question. IDK? Seriously? Insider secret (not really), when taking a test, “IDK” is never a good answer. You should always guess and make an attempt to puzzle any information you know together. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some credit for what you do know.

When it comes to biblical questions, statements, & discussion with friends, “IDK” can have value. Often, “I don’t Know”, can prove to be more fruitful than a poor attempt to answer or displaying a dismissive attitude. We place stumbling blocks in the way of others when we say things like, “The Bible just says so”, “It’s not a salvation issue”, “That doesn’t really matter”, or similar responses that do nothing but serve to push the statement or question under the rug. The more powerful response to a statement or question is, “IDK, I need to study that more” or more powerful yet, “IDK, let’s study that together”.

It’s important to value the questions of others, and it is equally important not to feel cornered into accepting facts or conclusions we are unsure of. As the saying goes...

“I am always willing to believe a man will tell me the truth if he knows it, I am not willing to believe what he tells me is the truth if I don’t know it!”

IDK can be the end of the road or the beginning of a journey. “IDK” can begin to crack a foundation, or it can firm up your foundation and the foundation of your friends. Be ready, be able, and be willing #StudyTheWord

Build your foundation on the rock. Matthew 7