#StudyTheWord - Bible Bowl


When is the last time you studied the bible on your own? We often fall into the bad habit of only studying the bible during class or worship on Sunday’s & Wednesdays. Well, help break that habit and spend some extra time in study with me for the next two months as we get ready for Bible Bowl.

This year’s books are Daniel & Ecclesiastes. Daniel is known most for the Lion’s Den, Fiery Furnace, & Nebuchadnezzar’s Dreams, but there is a lot more to learn/study as we examine the visions in the second half of the book. Ecclesiastes is a book of wisdom exploring good and evil which concludes with advice that everyone, when all is said and done, should “fear God and keep His commandments”.

What are you waiting for? Join me today and every Sunday at 4:30pm as we study these books and prepare for bible bowl. For additional preparation, Kids for Christ at 6pm is also studying these books. Teams that want additional study can contact me to schedule study times.