5 Great Bible Stories for Kids

With wise teachings filling the pages of our Bible, sometimes it may seem difficult to be able to teach our children the word of God. Many of the stories in the Bible could be hard for kids to understand; however, it is our goal at Concord Road Church of Christ to teach children the Bible in ways that children can understand.

In an effort to impact and assist the many families who reside in Brentwood and Middle Tennessee, we have summarized five Bible stories fit for kids. These stories will help bring the teachings of God into our childrens’ lives, even if our children haven’t figured out algebra yet!

The Story Of Joseph - Genesis 37 - 47

Stemming from jealousy and anger, Joseph’s brothers plotted a plan to get rid of him and ended up selling him off to Egypt. Despite his heavenly dreams and his admiration by his father, Joseph meant no harm to his brothers. Regardless, his brothers allowed envy to overtake their hearts.

After some time, Joseph was granted great stature and authority under the Pharaoh's official. Even though he endured hardship, Joseph ended up governing land in Egypt. He was even governing the distribution of grain, which was what his brothers went to Egypt to obtain years after betraying Joseph. Joseph had aged and grown, and his brothers didn’t recognize him. But Joseph recognized his brothers. Even with the ability to seek revenge and retaliate on his brothers, Joseph decided to graciously welcome his brothers. He chose to love and care even when he wasn’t shown the same by his brothers.

The Birth Of Christ - Luke 2

Dive into the most important story ever told and have your kids truly understand the significance of Christ being born into our world!

Jesus Calms the Storm - Mark 4:35 - 41

“He said to his disciples, “why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith” 

Understand the power of faith and trust as you learn about Jesus’s journey to calm the seas that surrounded Him and his disciples. You will be taken on the journey of belief and how following the guidance of the Lord will bring you comfort, safety and love.

David and Goliath - 1 Samuel 17

“The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine”

Follow the journey of David, a young son of an Ephrathite named Jesse, and Goliath, a feared Philistine warrior, as they battle. Understand how love for the Lord and true faith helps anyone venture through the treacherous challenges of life.

The Story Of Esther - Esther 3

As a leading female protagonist, Esther takes you through the ups and downs of the journey against Haman, an elevated official of the Persian king Xerxes. Upon persuasion from Mordecai about staying true to her beliefs and standing up for what’s right, Esther stood up against the king, pleading for freedom and mercy on her people. Standing up against an authoritative figure with the power to end anyone's life takes guts and determination. It took full commitment to her faith, her God and her people. This story will show children that even though sometimes doing what’s right is risky, or not always easy, it will always be more abundant and rewarding in the end.

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