The Importance Of Community Service For A Church

Community service deepens your relationship with God and with your fellow brothers and sisters. It's an occasion to spread Christ’s teachings and become ambassadors for Christ. Service is contagious. By offering outreach programs for the congregation, Concord Road Church of Christ provides ways to serve in His name. Through strategic community service, the church can share the news of Christ's salvation.

Getting Involved In Community Service

There are many reasons why it's important to get involved as a church in community service. 

Reconnect with your faith and with others.

Community service involvement presents an opportunity to reevaluate where you are in your faith. For some, this might be the first time they are assessing their journey with God. Working with the community opens you up and broadens your horizons, allowing you to identify what path you are on with our Lord and Savior. Everyone is at a different stage in their journey. Through volunteering programs, you have the opportunity to become a friend, a teacher, and a student in faith.

Use your free time to form friendships and have fun.

Volunteering in a community outreach program doesn’t need to be a singular, solitary event. Uniting for a purpose brings joy not only to those you are serving but to you and your brethren. Deepening your connection with fellow members of the church lifts your heart and your spirit in the name of the Lord. Spending time and bonding with our brothers and sisters is an extension of the faith and happiness we enjoy in Christ Jesus. When we are happy, we can let in His love and are more receptive to His teachings.

Deepen your connection with God and His word.

We are but vessels for God's word. He could have chosen differently, but instead, he decided to use his believers to help spread the word. Community service programs allow us to rekindle our connection with His word and to spread it to others. On your own, it's harder to plant seeds of faith. Together as a church, you can make your efforts more successful. Through outreach programs, God's people have the opportunity to spread the Gospel effectively. 

We are to love thy neighbor as we love ourselves. 

While we joyfully serve Jesus Christ, we often take extraordinary measures to further and deepen our connection with Christ. By committing ourselves to serve others, we attempt to demonstrate to God the love we have for Him. The Bible calls us to "Love your neighbor as yourself." (Matthew 22:39) At Concord Road Church Of Christ, we attempt to obey this blessed command and to care for the fundamental and spiritual needs of others. 

Community Service Ideas for the Church

At Concord Road Church Of Christ, you can get involved in the community and give back in many ways. We've got some ideas that will help you care for others. 

Feed/Clothe the Homeless

The homeless transcend all cities. It's unfortunate, but there are programs dedicated to helping those who are in need. As a church, you can partner with fellow congregants at Concord Road Church of Christ. Some activities our members participate in include volunteering at a shelter or participating in food/clothing drives. 

Community Clean-Up Project

The Trail Life program meeting at Concord Road has found various ways to approach "clean-up" projects. These include picking up trash alongside the road or repainting public spaces that have been covered in graffiti. As the season changes, volunteers can rake leaves or remove snow for the elderly. 

Offer Specialized Classes or Events

At Concord Road Church of Christ, we provide free information and resources to help those in our community. For example, our church serves as a meeting place for various community outreach programs, including classes. Topics can range from family to marriage. The idea is to provide information to the community that might best serve their needs. It also brings forth the opportunity to spread His word and expand our influence in the community.

Cookout/Family Event

Concord Road Church of Christ frequently hosts family events. Hosting a cookout or family event for the entire community is a way to bring the community together for an evening of fun.

Whatever route you choose, keep the word of the Gospel as the catalyst for your actions. By doing so, you will ensure you're spreading His love and deepening your faith. At Concord Church of Christ, we regularly work with the community. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get involved.

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