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One of our favorite songs on the Inner City bus is, "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." This past semester, we've been teaching our students of God's love and power through the miracles of Jesus. We've averaged 26 students each Tuesday night, using scripture to cut through the challenges of their day to present these stories that demonstrate that the world and everyone in it is in God's hands.

You have played an important role in this work, especially showing Christian love through the holiday season. You provided gifts for our students, snacks and activities at our Christmas party, and even an entire Christmas for 11 families.

One instance really stood out. When wrapped gifts were brought into our classroom, the kids got so excited! Leon, a 3rd grader, saw the boxes and shouted, "is it another Nike shirt?!" For most kids I know, clothes are usually unwrapped and set aside. Leon still remembered his gift from a year ago and was thrilled at the prospect of getting another new tee shirt! God must love this simple thankfulness!

Thanks to all who take a hands-on role with these children each week. Thanks also for your support in prayer. Go to God for us on a Tuesday night sometime between 7:00-8:30 when the children are in our care. Pray that students and teachers alike will finish the night with a little deeper realization that we are all in His hands!

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