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Website Ministry, Concord Road church of Christ, Brentwood, TN


Concord Road church of Christ, Brentwood, Tennessee

The Concord Road Church of Christ website ministry is focused on keeping the website updated, useful to members, appealing to visitors and visible to those looking to find us on the world wide web.  Although you may not notice it when you visit our website, there are many moving parts and there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to implement these goals. 

Keith O’Neal and Melissa Tolbert keep the “Events” calendar of the website regularly updated with new and ongoing events, including times and locations of various church activities.  Upon the conclusion of those various events, the website “Events” calendar is updated by the website deacon to delete events that have concluded.  Keith also updates the youth calendar and posts blogs on the website and on social media.  He also regularly refreshes images on the website so it looks fresh and inviting.  Various church-wide and well-publicized events are displayed on the “slide show” on the home page of the website so that new and existing visitors can immediately see notices of important and exciting church events. 

The website also has a separate page for the preschool, maintained by the deacon in charge of the preschool.  There are other pages available to other ministries, including youth education, adult education, and missions.  (Updated quarterly) Bill Locke maintains the worship livestream (updated weekly) allowing new and old services to be viewed online. 

Another important part of the website is the password protected “Members Only” area.  This portion of the website is maintained by Bill Locke.  Here members can quickly browse the member directory, find color group information, and read announcements, the updated prayer list and the weekly chronicle.  Last but not least, the website ministry is actively engaged in local and worldwide evangelism. 

Believe it or not, most people visit our website before they ever actually visit our church.  Considering this factor, it is especially important to the elders at our church that our website is visible to potential visitors.  For the past two years, the elders have hired a company called “Horton Group” to handle digital marketing.  This task is primarily dedicated to “search engine optimization.”  This terminology describes the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine such as google.  Over the past couple of years since we instituted this service, we have obtained encouraging statistics indicating that more and more people are not only finding us but also are visiting our church. 

The website ministry is always looking for assistance in implementing the important goals of serving digital visitors and members of our church.  If you have a background in computer technology, or are interested in learning more, contact John Rochford, the website deacon.

Looking for a youth group  and/or church family in Brentwood, TN? You belong here & we’d love for you to come see what our amazing family is doing for the Lord. Take a tour on our website, watch our services, learn more about our youth programs, find our meeting times, or contact us for more info. We have a place for you as a part of our church family.