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It's Time We Get More Social - A Look at Concord Road’s Social Media Ministry


DJ Smith:

The Beginning of Mass Communication

Around 1439 Johannes Gutenberg developed a printing press that used hand-molded metal movable type. Gutenberg's inventions ushered in the era of mass communications and would dramatically change the world, especially for Christians. You see, Johannes Gutenberg's crowning work was the 42-Line Bible or "The Gutenberg Bible." Gutenberg created a spark that would allow the Word of God to become more accessible to everyone.

A New Communication Revolution is Born

Fast-forward 500 years to another mass communication revolution that would make Gutenberg proud. In 1997, the Internet was gaining momentum and a website called Six Degrees was launched and considered to be the first social media website. It allowed a person to set up a profile and "friend" other users. By 2000, 100 million people had access to the Internet and sites like MySpace gained popularity and became the inspiration for another familiar website—Facebook which was launched in 2004. Facebook was joined by other social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to name a few (today there are 1000s of social platforms available). Each year more are added with technological advancements that are nothing short of mind-boggling. We are truly living in one of the greatest shifts in communication since Johannes invented his press.

These growing social platforms are a mission-critical means to communicate the Gospel. Why "mission-critical?" To start, "Millennials" (those born between 1981-1996) have grown up in a world where the Internet and technology have played a major role in their lives and continues to do so. They account for approximately 75.4 million individuals according to the 2015 U.S. Consensus. Add to that group the "Post-Millennials (or Gen Z)" who were born between 1996 and 2010. According to Forbes (2015), Gen Z makes up approximately 25% of the U.S. population effectively making them larger than the Millennials cohort. Gen Z-ers have never known a world without the Internet or social channels. In many ways, technology isn't just a part of their world—it is their world. It's how they communicate with others and consume information. If we're to reach these generations and future generations, learning to use these platforms effectively is important.

Think of how the Apostle Paul communicated with those he wanted to reach. We have a record of him speaking publicly (Acts 15:35) and of course, we have the letters he wrote to individuals and congregations he impacted. In other words, Paul used any communication tools available to get the Word out to others. If Paul were with us today, no doubt he would have a weekly podcast, YouTube channel, and, yes, as many social media platforms as he could manage. At Concord Road, we are actively working to enhance our social media ministry to reach others in new ways, but we need YOU! How? Glad you asked.

Let's Be More Social

Are you following our social channels? Currently, we have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for the congregation. If you're not following our social channels, visit our website and click on the social link icons at the bottom of the page and then like or follow those pages. As we share content, engage with what you see or read. If a question is asked in a post, answer it. Why is this important? Many of the social platforms favor content they perceive as engaging. In other words, they want our content to be more...well, social. Because we want to reach those outside our church family, be sure to share our content on your own accounts. In addition to broadcasting our services, the content we're developing ranges from inspirational Bible quotes to devotional thoughts to fun, quirky content demonstrating we're approachable and inviting. Soon our YouTube channel will host exclusive video content you can subscribe to and share as well. We're devoted to creating content that you will be glad to share with your friends. If you have suggestions for content, let D.J. Smith, our deacon for our social media ministry, know your thoughts.

If nothing else, pray that God will guide us to use these social platforms to their fullest to do His work. We live in an amazing world of technology and we intend to use these tools to tell of the steadfast love of God to anyone listening. #ThanksForBeingMoreSocial

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