How to Know if a Church is Right for Your Children

As Christians, we share in the responsibility of making the congregation a place where people of all ages can feel a connection to Christ. Our children are gifts from God, and it's the church's responsibility to help them build a healthy relationship and understand the teachings of the Bible that will turn them into dedicated disciples. The purpose of ministry is to give them training in spiritual leadership, but there are other aspects of a church that are important to development as well. When you are looking for ways to incorporate the word of God into your child's life, choose a church that follows these basic principles. 



1. The Church Enlists the Best Help from Their Ministries

When it comes to educating your children on the critical messages in the Bible, you want to choose a church where they can learn the truth. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Children and teenagers who aren't familiar with His teachings need to learn about Christ. The Bible is the word of our Lord, and the right church will provide you and your family with dedicated members of the congregation that have the educational and religious foundation to lead the youth. 

2. The Educators are Trained Well

The right church for your children will go above and beyond the minimum requirements for teaching God's word. Those who are tasked with teaching and developing your children into lifelong disciples should receive continued education themselves. From seeking guidance from the Elders to mission work, your new church should offer many options for ways to serve God. Ongoing assessments of educational programs also provide insight helpful to the teaching of your child. Families generally want a church that values children’s education in the bible very highly. 

3. There Are Updated Facilities for Teaching Children

A child-friendly church will have enough space for kids to grow while learning God's word. Children are the youngest congregants and must be taught the commandments of His word. The best way to encourage a connection between God and his children is by offering them a dedicated space to build a strong foundation. The right church will sometimes be equipped with an education center with amenities and interactive materials to help them grow closer to God. 

4. The Church Provides Comprehensive Education for Children of All Ages

Youths need a sense of belonging. The church is where our children and teenagers develop their most meaningful relationship of all: the one they share with God. When you are looking for a church, you should find one with regular Bible classes dedicated to children of all ages. A comprehensive program will provide not only learning opportunities but will also provide activities and mission trip opportunities to deepen their bond with each other while learning the teachings of the Bible. 

5. There is an Opportunity for Children and Parents to Worship Together

The church represents unity in faith, family, and love. A child-friendly church will offer a service that is compelling enough for families to worship together, rather than separately. Continued education is essential to deepen a child’s understanding of the Bible, but during a time when many families are fragmented, the church should provide its congregation with an opportunity to unite in the words of Christ. 

6. There are Good Missions Opportunities

While families joyfully serve Jesus Christ, it's our responsibility to spread the word and support our brothers and sisters. Mission trips are designed to spread the Word of God and the life-changing joy of His word. A church should offer the opportunity for the youth ministry to participate in the chance to bring others salvation where Christianity is relatively unknown. 

7. They Host Family-Friendly Events

Families are always looking for a way to spend time together, and there is no better atmosphere than through events hosted by the church. Not only can parents and children interact together at these functions, but they also unify the congregation and better the community. The right church for your child or teenager may offer opportunities for festivals, regular devotionals, service projects, numerous conferences, mission trips, and retreats. These activities show a profoundly rooted valuation in making it "our" church rather than "my parents’" church. 

8. The Speaker Tries to Engage Children

It's an ongoing challenge for a speaker to efficiently connect all ages when conveying the words from the Bible. Nonetheless, a child-friendly church will strive to communicate the words of Jesus Christ to attendees of all ages. Inviting children to participate in dedicated lessons about the Bible, singing songs that are relatable, or encouraging children to collect offerings shows the church believes in transferring its knowledge of the New Testament to the youth. 

9. They Affirm the Youth

A great church will send its children and teenagers the message that they are not only exceptional but essential to the congregation. Through positive and affirming interactions, children can feel loved and appreciated. There are a number of ways this can happen, such as addressing them by name, praying together, and giving them focused attention. 



Concord Church of Christ is a place where everyone can come to know, love, and serve God. We strive to help develop your children into lifelong disciples and dedicated members of the congregation. Contact us today to learn more about our youth-focused educational programs.