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Tips for journaling James (or any book)

As you study James, you can start to form relations between its passages and your life experiences. 

  • How closely do your actions follow the word of God? 

  • Does James give some wisdom on how to work through something going on in your life? 

By reflecting & relating scripture to your life, you can find ways to grow as a person or navigate a difficult situation.

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Find Encouragement not Guilt

If you dread coming to worship & class because it often leaves you feeling guilty, change your perspective. Worship is not on the LAST day of the week, but the FIRST!  Flip the switch, be proactive & not reactive, get ahead of the game!!! When you are with your family, find love & encouragement for the week ahead. You’re going to need it, we all do.

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The WORD is the answer

We sometimes gloss over the end of Paul’s if forgetting they are addressed to us as well. The encouragement, love, & wisdom he tags at the end are not just from Paul, but inspired by the Holy Spirit written to uplift us. It takes on new meaning when we see these tags as personal.

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