Do you trust me?

Do you trust me?


No, really, do you trust me? Would you fall back and let me catch a the the WSM tower?

You may have answered the first question yes, possibly the 2nd, 3rd, the crazies (you know who you are) said yes to the 4th...but none of you would say yes to the tower. Why? Because even though you may trust me, you know I also have limitations.

In James 1:5-7 God tells us to ask for wisdom & it will be given...but we must ask in complete faith without doubting. The one who doubts is told not to expect to receive anything from the Lord...of course then they didn’t really expect it in the first place (a chicken or egg situation).

Trusting me, your friends, or your parents, comes with limitations. Trusting God has no limits. The one who created you is not bound by human logic, space, or time! As the little kids sing, He’s the King of the Jungle, He’s the King of the Sea, He’s the King of the Universe, and He’s the King of you & me.

So let me ask you trust GOD?

Have the kind of faith that if you “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven & His righteousness” (that’s the key in this, not your will, but His) you can “Ask and it will be given to you”. ~Matt 6:33


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