How to Invite Your Friends to Church With You

Having a strong bond with Christ makes going to church a blessing. However, not everyone receives this blessing. As Christians, we all know a friend or family member who would benefit from receiving the spiritual support by attending a loving church. In fact, it is our mission to familiarize not only ourselves but also others with His teachings. Regardless of why your friend isn't currently attending, we've come up with some ways that will make it easier to encourage your friend to join you in attending church.

Ask them to join a Bible study.

Sometimes it's easier to invite someone to your church when there is already a planned Bible study in place. In a relaxed and informal way, suggest that your friend attend. If you don't know your friend’s religious background, but think your church might be a good fit, proceeding in this manner allows your friend to be exposed to church in an environment with a lot less pressure. If your friend previously had bad experiences or has lost a connection to God, Bible studies are often filled with others who are not only the same age but have similar stories. Icebreakers are an excellent way to get introductions in and make your friend feel comfortable.

Invite them when you two are in a comfortable place.

As friends, there will be places where the two of you spend time together that is both engaging and relaxing. If you think this friend would spiritually benefit from attending your church but are unsure when to approach your friend, wait until the two of you are spending time together in this informal environment. A coffee shop is a good example. You can always arrive early, grab your favorite drink and start reading your Bible. By the time your friend arrives, the presence of the Bible will naturally work its way into the conversation, making it easier to relay the invite.

Suggest they attend your church's social event with you.

Events at your church are filled with members of your church who can help you welcome your friend into the fold and show your friend firsthand the emotional and spiritual support your friend would have if your friend attended. Social events are one of the best ways to introduce your friend to this spiritual community. More than likely your friend won't be the only new person there. Spreading the teachings of Christ is the mission not just for yourself but also for your fellow members. If they have also invited new friends or family, it will make it easier to mingle.

Get your church friends involved.

There are a couple of ways you can get your church friends involved. Plan a day out together and invite everyone along. This will give your friend an opportunity to engage with your church community effortlessly. It puts less pressure on your friend to make a decision but also illustrates the bond you share in life, love, and the word of God. Another way is to have them with you when you decide to approach your friend. Give them a little background information so they too can engage your friend meaningfully and make your friend feel appreciated by attending your church. The goal is not to overwhelm. Try to make it comfortable and simple.

Have a plan if the answer is  "no."

In an ideal world, your friend will say yes to your invitation. However, life can sometimes cloud our judgment, and some people are tempted to just say no after a long day or when they already feel like they have too much on their plate. Don't take "no" as defeat. Give your friend some time and recoup your strategy. Try to encourage your friend in a light-hearted manner to go with you to the events that are happening at your church. Also, trust in God and His plan for your friend to get to know Christ. Pray for guidance, and understand that He has a plan for all of His children.

At Concord Road Church of Christ, it is our mission to engage the fellowship of the community by offering events and gatherings for both members and non-members. If you are looking for an opportunity to bring your friend into Christ's love, visit our website for the latest information.

DJ Smith