As you know, 15 months ago (January 2018) we added a second service to our Sunday morning worship schedule. As a reminder, the decision to begin a two-service format focused on one thing—removing a barrier for growth. For several years, Concord Road’s Sunday morning attendance had exceeded 80% of the auditorium’s comfortable seating capacity, and according to church growth studies this limits a church’s potential for growth. So, after considering multiple options, we decided the most responsible and cost effective way to remove this barrier was to add a second service.

Part of the elderships’ commitment when we adopted the two-service format was to evaluate and assess it after one year to decide if this was still in the congregation’s best interest. In keeping with that commitment, the eldership and ministry staff began the evaluation process toward the end of last year. We discussed attendance trends, congregational feedback, and other relevant factors in an effort to make the best and most responsible decision for the continued health and future growth of Concord Road church of Christ.


That evaluation process has led us—both the eldership and ministry staff—to the unanimous conclusion that it’s in our best interest to return to a single service format, and we are planning to return to that format on Sunday, May 5. The time of our Sunday morning service will be 9:00-10:15 am and Bible classes will follow from 10:30-11:15 am (allow us to still maintain 45 minutes for classes).

With that said, our rational for this decision came down to two primary items; (1) Sunday morning attendance and (2) congregational feedback. In terms of attendance, although we experienced some numerical growth in 2018, we didn’t feel the numbers were significant enough to justify some of the important things that were lost in the move from one service to two. For instance, based on congregational feedback, morale and enthusiasm has diminished, and we all know the importance of these things to the health and growth potential of any congregation. Also, the power of our great congregational singing has also suffered, and like morale and enthusiasm, excellent congregational singing is critical to a congregation’s health and growth potential.


Of course we still must consider our seating capacity with an eye toward the future. So, in an effort to maximize our seating, we are planning to fill in the back of the auditorium with upholstered, interlocking chairs, and utilize the pews we already removed to make necessary repairs on some of our existing pews. By doing this, we will increase the comfortable seating capacity of the auditorium from its original 563 to about 625. With a current average attendance in the 470-480 range, we feel that this additional seating will provide sufficient room for growth in the near future. If, in the future, we exceed this capacity, or are having capacity constraints, we will revisit all options as it relates to creating additional seating.

As an eldership we can’t thank you enough for your cooperation these last fifteen months as we explored new ways to position ourselves for growth. Now, as we return to a single service, may God continue to bless Concord Road with continued health and vitality as we seek to be a faithful congregation to His glory.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to seek out one of the elders, or ministers; we would be more than happy to speak with you.


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