Tips for journaling James (or any book)


1. Highlight/Underline/Draw arrows/Circle

As you read James, keep in mind some of the prompts that we mentioned last week (or your own prompts, if you have thought of some). Underline, circle, or highlight those keywords or phrases, and write down your thoughts in the margins of the journal. 

Last weeks prompts:

1. What values are important in your life?

2. What are your personal strengths and weaknesses?

3. Strengthening relationships

4. How do you spend your time?

2. Draw/Sketch what scripture means to you

Sometimes, the emotions and thoughts provoked by a certain passage in the Bible can't be adequately summed up in a few key words or phrases. Draw small pictures/charts, or make lists to capture what you think, feel, or question. 

3. Compare/Reflect with what's going on in your life

On the pages with your study notes (or perhaps in an entirely separate journal), write down what you are experiencing in life right now, good or bad, even if just for that day/week. As you study James, you can start to form relations between its passages and your life experiences. 

  • How closely do your actions follow the word of God? 

  • Does James give some wisdom on how to work through something going on in your life? 

By reflecting & relating scripture to your life, you can find ways to grow as a person or navigate a difficult situation.

4. Allow God’s word to form your prayers

As you reflect on the wisdom God gives us through scripture, you get a better sense of what you're doing well &/or what you might need to work on improving. Use this insight to instruct & improve your prayer life. Strengthen your relationship with God by allowing scripture to help you focus on His will for you.

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