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We strive to provide a loving Christian environment for your child to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. We want to show God’s unconditional love for them, and that they are each made in his image – each one special and unique.

Our curriculum is designed to help each child excel and learn by combining all areas of development such as academic and social skills, fine and gross motor skills, bible, music, and art.

The CRCC Preschool Curriculum

Concord Road Preschool Teachers

At Concord Road Preschool, we believe children learn best through active learning! We will incorporate the curriculum throughout our day in repetitive ways to reinforce the skills we are teaching. In addition to our regular curriculum, the children will have “free play” time in which they can choose different centers to participate in the classroom. The centers include dramatic play, art, blocks and building, literacy, math manipulatives, fine motor center (puzzles, lacing cards, legos, etc.) sensory play, games, music & listening, and science exploration.

Academic: Letter and number recognition, beginning sounds, math skills, shapes, colors, rhymes, poems, art, music, science and social studies activities, fine motor skills (cutting, tracing, play dough), identifying sight words, and literacy building activities.

Bible: We have a group devotional each morning. This consists of a bible lesson, singing and prayer. Each class will also have a specific Bible box theme each month. There willbe bible lessons, songs and crafts to reinforce the bible box theme each day. A character trait will be taught with each lesson. We will also incorporate some academic skills like the letter of the week to accompany the bible lesson. This curriculum will also help develop important kindergarten readiness skills like learning to listen without interrupting, paying attention in a large group, and being able to look at pictures and re-tell a story. We also have a bible memory verse to correspond to the letter of the week.


ReadyK: This program uses physical, musical and artistic activities to stimulate specific brain activity in an effort to increase readiness skills and academic skills. The cross curricular approach helps with focus and retention of the material. The children start the program in the large group center with selected brain gym exercises. The movement & visual center stimulates the left and right sides of the brain to work together cooperatively, develops balance, depth perception and coordination. This center also combines literacy and math skills. The music center develops tonal and rhythmic auditory skills. We combine this with math, literacy and coordination skills. The gross motor center develops balance, spatial awareness, and coordination. We combine this with basic foreign language and math skills. The art center develops small muscles in the hands (fine motor skills), encourages creativity and imagination. We also reinforce literacy skills and math skills.

Concord Road Church of Christ Praying Baby

Enrichment: We will have an enrichment week each month for the entire school in addition to regular classroom activities. The ReadyK curriculum will coordinate with the selected theme for the week. In addition to our regular centers, we will include activities in science and have special guests and programs. Information on the theme weeks will come home on the monthly calendar for each classroom.

Mrs. Melissa - Director - Concord Road Preschool

Mrs. Melissa


Mrs. Sheri - Young 3's Teacher

Mrs. Sheri

Young 3's Teacher

Mrs. Kathy - Pre-K 4 Teacher

Mrs. Kathy

Pre-K 4 Teacher

Mrs. Malissa - Teacher/Floater

Mrs. Malissa


Mrs. Julie - Older 3's Teacher

Mrs. Julie

Older 3's Teacher

Mrs. Vonda - Pre-K 4 Teacher

Mrs. Vonda

Pre-K 4 Teacher

Mrs. Robin - Teacher/Floater

Mrs. Robin


Mrs. Molly - 4 Year Old Teacher, Concord Road Preschool

Mrs. Molly

4 Year Old Teacher

Mrs. Kelly - Pre-K 5 Teacher

Mrs. Kelly

Pre-K 5 Teacher

Mrs. Tara - Teacher/Floater

Mrs. Tara


Mrs. Carissa - Pre-K 5 Teacher

Mrs. Carissa

Pre-K 5 Teacher

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