Dan loves to preach the Word of God and, after more than 25 years in full-time ministry, he still can’t believe he gets paid to do so! Since the summer of 2009, he has considered himself to be “livin’ a dream” by serving the Concord Road church as their Preaching Minister. In addition to his preaching and teaching ministry, Dan also likes to dabble in writing books on theology. He received his Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree in Applied Theology from Southern Seminary, and he also has advanced degrees in Biblical Studies from Indiana University--Fort Wayne. He met his wife, Leola, when they were both undergraduate students at Lipscomb University way back in the late 80s and they have two grown children. On the personal side, Dan likes hiking, reading historical fiction, watching action movies, and plotting new travel adventures with Leola. Dan prefers cats over dogs and he is an avid Alabama football fan!

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Patrick “Paddy” Flanagan has worked with the Concord Road family as the Youth Minister since 2007. He married his high school sweetheart, Melissa, immediately after they graduated from Freed-Hardeman University, and they have been ministering to the awesome young people at Concord Road ever since. In addition to bonding with and ministering to the young people here within the youth group, Paddy loves running ultra marathons, roasting his own coffee, and photography. He and Melissa now have two children, and by far his new favorite hobby is making his daughters giggle and grin! Paddy received his bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Freed Hardeman University and his Master of Ministry degree from Harding University.

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A Brief Message From Our Elders

Our only creed is Christ. Our sole source of authority for all that we do is God’s Word, the Bible, to which we are totally committed. On any matter where the Bible speaks, we are firmly committed to its commands, precepts, and principles. We are committed to the authority of the scriptures teaching salvation by grace through faith, repentance, and baptism by immersion for the remission of sins.

We are committed to the one church that Christ established, the autonomy of the local congregation, and to the New Testament pattern of worship. Each first day of the week the church assembles in worship with a-cappella singing, observance of the Lord’s supper, liberal giving, prayer, and teaching of God’s inspired word.

All Concord Road Church elders are available for counseling on Biblical and spiritual matters; we believe it is important to know and to listen to each member of the congregation; we urge one another to be considerate and accepting of others so that all can draw closer to God and become more effective servants; there is wisdom in the plurality of elders because it allows for different viewpoints and ideas; and finally, we are deeply committed to seeing that what is fed to the church is scripturally correct whether taught from the pulpit, in the classroom, or in any other teaching opportunity.

Concord Road Church of Christ Elders

Shawn Everson

Shawn Everson

Shawn's Bio →
Shawn Everson began attending Concord Road in 1986. His wife, Amy, and her family were charter members of the Concord Road congregation, which was established in 1967. Shawn and Amy have one daughter, Abby, a high schooler, who is an active member of the Concord Road High School youth group. Shawn is the Chief Commercial Officer for Ingram Content Group. Shawn is truly humbled to be called a shepherd of the Concord Road congregation and cherishes the thought that he can help lead the future of this already strong body of Christians.

---“Concord Road is a very strong “bible based” church where families can grow spiritually and have fellowship with Christians who share the common goal of following God’s word, as it is written.”
Carl Haedge

Carl Haedge

Carl's Bio →
Carl Haedge and his wife, Marilyn, moved from Minnesota in 2008 after two of their six children, eight of their eleven grandchildren, and his mother first made the move to Tennessee. Having been actively involved in his congregation in Minnesota, Carl was happy to find a spiritual family at Concord Road where he continued to teach, serve as a deacon, and now as a shepherd. Carl, once a private pilot and professor of dentistry, is a 3rd generation dentist who still currently practices. Carl love’s family, bible study, golf, hunting, and getting on his tractor.

---“You will find the Concord Road family to be extremely welcoming and a true family of God in Christ devoted to diligently seeking His will and devoted to pleasing Him in all aspects.”
Rick Scott

Rick Scott

Rick's Bio →
Rick Scott and his wife Autumn moved to Nashville from the Cleveland, Ohio area in July 2011 and by the end of that year he knew they had found a friendly and doctrinally sound church home at Concord Road. Rick and his wife are blessed with three wonderful children: Samantha, Rachel, and Ethan. Rick is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University, Harding School of Theology, and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and served as a minister for 10 years before becoming a CPA.

---“I’m honored to have been asked by the members of Concord Road to serve as one of the shepherds and hope to honor their trust by guarding the flock, helping us stay faithful to Biblical teachings, and encouraging all members to grow in their knowledge and faith of our Lord.”
Dwayne Stubblefield

Dwayne Stubblefield

Dwayne's Bio →
Dwayne Stubblefield has been attending Concord Road since moving to Brentwood with his parents in 1976. Dwayne’s parents are still active at Concord Road more than 40 years later. Dwayne and his wife, Leanne, have three boys: Clay, Cody, and Colin. Dwayne enjoys a career as a Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

---“I am so thankful that the congregation works so well together and are happy pulling in one direction at Concord Road and I hope to be a part of a group who maintains this unity for years to come.”
Buddy Williams

Buddy Williams

Buddy's Bio →
Buddy Williams has been an elder since 2005 and served for five years previously as an elder and before that as a deacon. He and his wife, Linda, have been members of Concord Road since 1968. Their three daughters grew up at Concord Road and continue to worship in the area – Lisa and Lori are married and their families are members of Brentwood Hills Church of Christ. Leeann is a member here at Concord Road with her husband and son. Buddy, an engineer and attorney, is retired as the Director of Metro Water Services for Davidson County. Outside of their church activities, Buddy and Linda spend most of their time with their family and seven grandchildren.

---"I believe there is no better place than Concord Road to worship and serve God. Our faith is Bible based on God and His promises and we strive to obey Him, relying on the fully and completely revealed word."

Concord Road Church of Christ Deacons

Mac Alsup

Shane Austin
Bus Ministry

Tim Bankhead

Education/ Curriculum


Matt Barnes
Safety Team/ Computers/ Video/ Media

James Barrett
9th to 12th Grade

Dave Beasley
World Bible School


Noel Bendure
Visitation Ministry

Chris Brady
(Kids For Christ)

Mark Collins
Worship Service Participants

Ron Cooper
Budget and Finance

Jeff Hammond
Inner City Program


Kevin Hulen
Lads to Leaders & Bible Bowl

Shawn Humphrey
Public Relations & Advertising

Roger Jenkins
New Member Orientation/ Member Involvement

Brad Jones
2-5 Year Old Youth

Brian Jones

Brian Jones
Maintenance & Repairs/ Facilities and Grounds/ Marriage Mentoring

Bill Locke
Computers/ Video/ Media


Kevin McCormac
Phone System

Scott McFarlin
Benevolence (Institutional)

Kevin Montgomery
Legal Services/ Worship Committee/ Singing

Cammie Neal
Lads to Leaders & Leaderettes & HVAC/ Interior Needs

Lee O'Dell
6th to 8th Grade

Keith O'Neal
Social Media/ Missions


Chris Rhodes
1-5th Grade Youth

John Rochford

John Rutledge
Trail Life

Greg Smith
Jail Ministry

Ryan Staggs
Missions Ministry

Alan Stephens
Outreach/ Greeting


Jeff Thomas
Men's and Womens' Ministry

Jimmie Tullis


Kip Turner

Kipp Turner
Members Assistance & Disaster & Lord's Supper

Jordan Vaughn

Frank Walton

Children Bible Hour & Preschool & Outreach 

Chad Westmoreland
Inner City


Justin Zelnik
HVAC System/ Interior Needs


Melissa Tolbert, Office Administrator

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