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Thank you for joining us at Concord Road Church of Christ!


We are humbled and thrilled that you decided to join us for worship. We are committed to connecting to God’s Word and learning how to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Our church provides many ways to strengthen our bond with God through dedicated biblical teachings.

Together, we are a community of faith. We equip ourselves to share with others and demonstrate this through programs for children, youth, and adults. It's our aim to arrange classes, activities, and missions as a way to bring the congregation together in a unified spirit.

If you want to get involved in our programs, you can view the complete list below!

Connecting Our Children in Faith


Our children are our future. That's why we have crafted classes for kids to learn the commandments of God's word. We call on the experience and expertise of our instructors to arrange activities and lessons to create a well-defined program that focuses on a Christ-centered life.

Our children deserve the best. We are here to help guide them.

Belonging Together in Faith


The youth groups are designed to help our teens grow closer to God in a community spirit. Regular Bible studies discuss commands and principles twice a week. Our youth program is active in the community and participate in service projects, mission trips, and retreats.

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Stronger Together in God's Love


As adults, we still need guidance in faith and staying connected to His teachings. We have a community of adults who join together weekly to share with others and to help where spiritual guidance is needed. The group welcomes college students, working professionals, couples, and seniors.

Together we can accomplish God's will for our lives!

Supporting Our Ministries


You can help contribute to the congregation. There are opportunities within the ministry to share with others and become leaders in faith. From finance to missions, we are asking you to share your time and expertise to help us grow. By joining us, you can add to our vibrant community!

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