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Concord Road Church of Christ (CRCC) first met on October 29, 1967, with the goal of serving its members in the Brentwood and surrounding areas. God has richly blessed us along the way and we have strived, through the continual guidance of our Elders, to make it our mission to grow spiritually in four ways: as individuals, as families, as a congregation, and as evangelists.

When you become a member of CRCC we’ll ask you why you chose our congregation. Your answers tell us what you’re are looking for in a church home. We understand that most of our new members want a place where they belong, where their special needs are met, where they can learn the truth, where they can get involved in meaningful service for the Lord and where they are accepted. We want every guest who comes through our doors to know they are welcome and wanted.

Take a pictorial tour below of our New Education Wing, Youth Area, and other parts of our building.

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There’s room for everyone at CRCC. The church, however, does not belong to us; it belongs to the Lord. while we want everyone to unite with us, we realize that as a church that belongs to Christ we look to the Lord for teaching, our guidance, and our salvation. Our first desire is to please him in all respects (Colossians 1:10). We strive in all that we say o do to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Since He is our Savior and our Lord, we look to his word for what we believe and practice as a church and how we live as Christians.

In a society that has so many different religious groups, we believe the biblical truth is vitally important. It is not easy to sort through so many voices teaching such a wide variety of beliefs. For this reason, we test every belief and practice by the word of God. We constantly ask,”what does the Bible say about this?”

Concord Road Church Of Christ Sermon

God’s way is always the right way and the best way to do things. We seek to conform to his will, to do Bible things in the Bible way and to call Bible things by Bible names. We speak where the Bible speaks and are silent where the Bible is silent.

Jesus said, “everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock" (Matt. 7:24-27). We seek to hear and practice what our Lord teaches without adding to or taking away from it. We simply want to be Christians who follow Jesus. For this reason, we avoid many of the things popular in religion today. Quite simply, we are Christians who belong to Christ.

Youth Area

New Education Wing (adult & Children’s classrooms)

Fellowship & Other Areas